The DO’s And DONT’s To Remember When Dating An Aries


“Here is what you need to Watch Out”

1) They Can Hold Onto Grudges

The Do's And Dont's To Remember When Dating An Aries

They can hold onto grudges for years. Yes Years. They have a tongue sharper than most weapons. So before you hurt them think a million times. They will slay you with words. Never ever try to dig them.

2) Zero On Patience

The Do's And Dont's To Remember When Dating An Aries

Being a fiery sign Aries are zero on patience. They just cant wait. They would want the things to be done in a fraction of second , which Adds to their aggression at times. Not everyone wishes to run in life. There are people who love to walk and not jogg all the time. So if you are one of those who would love to slow down or listen to some old numbers on your iPod, Aries will never be a game for it. Put some peppy number on and see their mood switching.

But again this aspect of them adds another feather to their cap. It makes them extremely hardworking. If you wish to achieve any target or meet any deadline just ask for your Aries partner’s hand . They will be a game for it anytime. Not only because they love you but also because they love challenges and finishing tasks on time.

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