How And Why Should We Use 2018 To Build A Stronger Foundation Ahead

You have already read our article on the horoscope of 2018. With this article, we would like to draw your attention towards some intricacies 2018 holds for us. Every year from its beginning, we have new hopes, aspirations and setting of new standards. Hopes that the year will definitely be a better one than the previous, where we all will reach out to achieve what we aspire and set better standards in whatever we thrive for.
But what most of us forget is to understand the fact that scientifically planetary movements have a very significant role to play in our lives. This is one major reason why a lot of things does not work out the way we plan them to.That is because we can’t control them, but what we definitely can is our actions, magnitude of our efforts and to learn what exactly is the right time to hit the bullseye.
Sticking to these guidelines we can go a long way making our efforts yield better results.

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Let’S Find Out Everything About 2018 That Is
Equally Important For All Of Us

2018 begins with the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter. Mars this year is all about an enhanced intellect and a  better imagination. So all the writers & authors can expect their way some enhanced imagination and wild thoughts.
Jupiter, on the other hand, is the most expansive planet. Larger than life it talks about all things big. The planet of luxuries as well.,so work for it and enjoy it.
This year unlike 2017, will be a year of fewer setbacks and challenges and more of a celebration but only if you work for it. You will be at crossroads of your life where you can make it or break it.Nothing is going to be served on the platter but everything shall be paid off very well.
This is a Balanced Year In Many Aspects. So my first advice for you is to keep your karma balanced. Thinking of a negative thought for someone else does count in a bad karma. I am sure this will take by surprise a lot of yew but Watch Your Thoughts This Year.

This year the four elements Fire, Earth, Air and Water which are ruled by different planets are affected differently and each of this arcana needs to work in their respective areas to make this year a splendid one.

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Fire Signs: Aries, Leo And Sagittarius

Your planet for this year is going to be mercury. Mercury is all about communication skills, analytical abilities and intellect. Also, it is a key planet for Lawyers, Sale Personals, Artists And Scientists. This year you all shall see a rise if you hold on to the roots strongly and follow the guidelines given to you by your mentors carefully. Also, make sure your words are well measured and well thought off before you let them out. They shouldn’t be strong enough to pierce someone through. Remember bad karma? So make sure you only enhance your communication skills and not sharpen them. Mercury also makes one a rationalist, so you can expect yourself to be pragmatic.

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo And Capricorn

For all the earth signs this year your planet is Pluto. Pluto brings with it some major positive changes in your life. It will help you face your biggest fears and come to peace with it. Also when your planet is Pluto the major focus should be on making your plans materialize because it has a force to reckon with. This positive positioning of this planet makes an individual intrepid. Also, take the process of cleansing your mind body soul. Create a physical space for anything you want in life, creating a physical space for it aligns your need with the universe and the forces work to bring it to you.

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Air Signs: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

The air signs are ruled by Moon this year. The air signs will see intense energy shifts. It will help you reflect what worked and what did not the previous year. Make sure you let go of things and relationships that don’t serve you for your highest good. Moon brings with it plethora of emotions so meditate to keep your self-calm and avoid being an extremist.Take time to grow and nurture yourself. The difference will be remarkable if you work on these little things.

Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio And Pisces

This year your ruling planet is Neptune. You set very high goals, standards and ideals for yourself this year. Matching your own set standards is what you will be at this year.The good thing will be you will be in competition with none but yourself, polishing and refining yourself like never before. You will see how luck and destiny favor you this year. There is nothing better and healthier than being in a race with your own self. It makes your inner self, content and greed-free building a very strong karma for the years to come. Stay focused. Don’t allow trivial minds, ideas and talks affect you in any way.
Working on these little things slowly and steadily will pave a strong foundation for years to come.
May your standards, choices and karma be as high as the divine grace. Here’s a gigantic and a gripping 2018.

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