Which Zodiac Signs Are Not Compatible With Water Sign Cancer? and Why?

Which Zodiac Signs Are Not Compatible With Water Sign Cancer? and Why?

Cancer is a water sign represented by a crab. We often hear people saying ‘NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’s COVER’. I personally feel while reading about the zodiacs we should leave this one to the books. This isn’t applicable here, because a zodiac symbol or sign whatever you may call it, depicts so much about the sign that you can write a thesis with its guidance.
So what do you think a crab looks like or are the characteristics of it? Well looks?? Hard on the outside but very soft on the inside. Right? Yes, so is a Cancerian. They are no different from this. You see a crab going in and coming out of their shells? Yes, so does Cancerian, when hurt or going through an emotional change. They need their hibernation period and during this time they need someone who understands them the best and supports them too. So if by any chance you are looking for this support in an ARIES (ranks 1st in the least compatible list for them) or a Gemini, you might be disappointed. All this might appear too devilish for you right now, but, I am sure to make sense here onwards.

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Why A Cancerian And An Aries Doesn’t Seem A Good Idea

Aries is a fire sign, Independent, Adventurous and always ready to take risks.
While a Cancerian is a typical crab, which will not easily leave its shore. They love to stay safe and secure.

While an Aries will take you for a thundering ride,  a Cancerian can too take you by surprise and a lot many times in a very good way. But they both will be on completely different radars. While former would be planning a scuba diving, the latter would be planning a pedicure.
While Aries think too much about Self Development, self-dependence, self-care making them self-obsessed at times, Cancerians are known as nurturers. For them it is always about their family, their parents, their partner, their kids.
Huge difference right? I call it living on different planets. While living on earth we can’t see what’s happening on Mars.

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So Why Even Risk Such Things?

Which Zodiac Signs Are Not Compatible With Water Sign Cancer? and Why?

While an Aries is a social animal, Cancerians are staying at home kind of cozy warm souls. You will see them at social gatherings for sure, but unlike Aries, for the very special ones.
Aries are very vocal about how they feel, what they think and their opinions, while a Cancerian would keep all of the above to themselves, and will share his advice only when requested too. They are way too wise for Aries. Ouch!
Writing all of this makes me realize how fierce and outspoken one is and how subtle yet introvert the other is. They just don’t fit in. And I strongly believe, why to Fit in, When you were born to stand out.
So find the right partner who makes you stand out. Anywhere, Everywhere.

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