Zodiac Signs That Are Absolute Best Husbands

Zodiac Signs That Are Best Husbands

We live in a society where the ultimate goal for a woman is to get married, her success is measured in terms of getting married at the right age & raising a family. We are still battling opinions that raise eyebrows among working moms & make them feel guilty about it.
Imagine amongst all of this if you could have a partner who would not only understand this screwed society but also stand by you against all odds & push you to live your dream as much as society pushes a woman to get married & bear a child.

So before you take the plunge where water runs deep, ice cold & boiling all at the same time, this plunge called marriage here is a list of zodiacs that makes the best husbands & would be your lifeboat if you ever drown.

Taurus husband

This fixed earth sign makes the husband of your dreams. Rooted and nurturing just like earth he will make your life bliss.
His eyes will be fixed just on you making you feel secure. The tenacity with which a Taurus man goes after his goals makes him an achiever so you will never have to worry about those bills being paid or your holidays being cut short. He is a provider in disguise of a lover. Go ahead marry your Taurus mate.

Cancerian husband

A Cancerian man is not just a husband once you marry him. You are in for a ride with your best friend, travel buff, and a foodie. Also not to forget what a fantastic father he is going to make to your kids. He is a family man, maybe a tad extra but who doesn’t want that extra help with the diapers and baby walks. Also, the hidden chef in him guarantees you a delicious Sunday brunch. Don’t let him slip away, grab him and never let go.

Pisces husband

Imagine someone who is excited about birthdays and anniversaries. Who brings you roses and gives you hot water bottles to soothe your monthly cramps. Who weeps with you over emotional movies and celebrates every milestone for and with you. A Pisces man is a dream come true. A hard worker, a keeper, and a man with taste. He will be your personal shopper with classic taste. He will help you and your home look like a million bucks. With the kind of money, he can earn thank god he is never the one to be stingy with it. You are in for a larger-than-life experience. Get married to a Pisces man now.

Virgo husband

If you find a man who treats your vision, your dreams, and your career like his own you have found a Virgo man. Not a barrier but a ladder to your success he will help you thrive. Virgos husbands believe in equal partnership in everything. So if you marry a Virgo man be assured that you won’t be alone in this. He will be there sharing every responsibility making things easier for you. With virgo man by your side, you are in for a great deal of warmth and respect in your life to get you through arguments with this perfectionist of a husband. Seal the deal.

Sagittarius husband

Take it from a Sagittarius man the freedom to live freely, a little space and some me time which becomes so much more valuable once you are married He would want you to have a life and a social circle beyond him. He believes in living and to let live despite the fact that these lines after marriage gets a lot blurry. He loves his friends way to much to let them have a back seat once he is married and won’t do it to you either. So if you are marrying a Sagittarius man you aren’t losing your friends but gaining some. Now that’s fun. He is fun as a partner and innovative with money. He will find more than one way to let the income flow. He is definitely a catch.

Marriage never comes with a guarantee, in fact, nothing in life does. But these men make it worth taking the risk. Hoping you find someone you can be on the same page with.