Find Out The Best About Your Man Based on Their Zodiac Qualities

qualities of your man based on zodiac sign

They say its tough understanding a woman. But I believe what is tougher is understanding a man. Why? A woman exhibits too many emotions making it all simple, clear and open at the surface. It’s easy to strike a cord when you know the right notes. But what will you do when someone isn’t vocal about things or doesn’t exude the wide range of emotions or is too stiff or too wrapped up? Well, this all sounds tough. They would want something but unlike women would never say it and still want their lady love to deliver it. My my, are we a magician or a Jennie?
So, before you fall for a man, learn some extras of his personality that will upgrade your personal dictionary about him.

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1. Aries

An Aries man though too stiff in his looks isn’t the way he is at heart. He is an emotional soul. Though he won’t show this side often, he will really appreciate it, if you always keep this in mind before judging him or making a stoned comment about him.
He is the one always ready to experiment and loves taking the risk in life. For him, life is all about sharks and shells. He would want to dive in and yet would want to collect the most precious things around him. Also, the one trait woman falls for, in men with this zodiac is, they are men of their words. They will stand by for what they have committed.

2. Taurus

How do you expect a bull to be? Soft and fragile? No, right? Yes, he ain’t an emotional person, but definitely someone who is daring and fierce. He is the one who will protect his women from all the wrath. He is a headstrong shell wrapped with cherries. You will have a treat enjoying the cherries, but if you overeat the cherries, you might lose the taste for them soon. Taurean men are good beings, but if you push them beyond a limit, they might turn into a savage rather than a savior.They are the rule makers of the house and would want you to live by them. They are the very definition of discipline, so if you are a woman who is going to take hours to get ready, a Taurus man is surely not your call. Watch out, ladies.
Good with his finances always, he will ensure you a smooth and a stable life ahead.

3. Gemini

A Gemini has always been known for their split personality frame. But what is intriguing about this zodiac is, this one trait has a larger impact on Men than it does have it on women. Yes, if you are falling for a Gemini man, hold on, and hold on tight and for a longer period of time and make sure you think a thousand time. He might just do the opposite of what he says. He is someone who doesn’t believe in making promises or even in fulfilling them. He loves to live for the moment and live every bit of it. He isn’t afraid of commitment, but he is too grown up for a thing like that. Living by the principle of LIVE AND LET LIVE, he would want no lady to rule his life. He is the master and will always be. But when a soul like this, falls in love, its one of its kind. Deep, enchanting and wild. It takes a woman of strength to bear what a Gemini man can take you through.

4. Cancer

Life path Number 6 -

Men of this zodiac are born lovers. They need love like they need oxygen. They need to have that lady in their life all the time, who makes them feel SPECIAL & WANTED all the time. The moment they feel, that their lady has someone else as their priority be it her family or friends, he will retreat into his shell and mind you he isn’t coming out that easily as you think.You might just have to go that extra extra extra mile to get him out. He has the art of making you feel guilty for an act which you never did. God forbid what would happen if you would actually commit one some day. So make sure, you have your Cancerian man at the top of your chart always. One simple thing and you will have a man of your dreams. A man who will love pamper and compliment you every hour of the day. Who doesn’t want this?
So one small trick and you have the best of him. Sounds easy. Yes, you can do it.

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5. Leo

Only a lioness is seen with a lion. I haven’t seen a tigress or a fox with it. Have you?
I have a reason to what I just wrote. It takes a queen to be married to a king. And hence a lioness for his lion. A Leo man is indomitable and unstoppable. He is born to lead, so if you are a woman who is strong enough to be on her toes throughout and run in and out through the day, you can dream of winning a Leo man. His need for growth, power and authority is the reason why he keeps himself grinding. You will never see him settling for less than what he deserves and he knows every bit of what he is capable of. So the moment you underestimate or doubt his abilities, you are ruled out of his life. You need to learn to appreciate the little things he does for you and be a motivation for him in doing and achieving better. Such men will never look for an inspiration in the outside world because they believe in being the one for them. So their source of inspiration shall always be his lady love.
Make sure you reach that mark.

6. Virgo

A Virgo man is the one who loves simple things in life. He isn’t the one who is in for a lot of fanciness. He wants things simple, subtle and smooth. He would work hard to save for the future. Proper planning is what he believes in, and there is no space for extravagances in his life. The larger than life isn’t his style. He keeps is minimal. What he looks for in a woman is sensibility. A woman sensible enough to cut her expenses if the needs arise and who knows that life is unpredictable. He believes that the only constant is change. So you will never find a Virgo man being overly attached to anything in life. He has things sorted in his head. He comes across as a wise man, too grown up for his age. He manages to have the best in life because of his innate qualities. If you are married to a Virgo man, you have all the right reasons to feel happy and honored.

7. Libra

How beautiful it is so to have a fuss-free, simple man around who’s X-factor is his wit and humor. Someone who will make you laugh, when you are mad. Sounds like a dream? But, such men exist. They are LIBRA MEN.
Handsome, Humble and humorous. They make the perfect marriage material.
You will have immense reasons to live them. You will love them for not only who they are, but most importantly how they make you feel when they are around. The ease with which they allow their woman to sink into their life is beyond magical. I won’t call them as the most LOYALEST of all, but definitely the most dependable ones. You can trust your life with them. Having them around is nothing less than living a fairy tale.

8. Scorpio

A man with a vision, ready to take the world by storm. That’s how a Scorpion man comes across. He is irresistible when it comes to his looks. He is not someone you will easily understand because of his switching moods, likes and dislikes. After All, he belongs to the water sign clad. If you have got your eyes on him, make sure to learn some out of the box kind of variants to keep him glued. Make sure you look your best all the time and smell even better. You have to have your game on point, and trust me you have him in your kitty.

9. Sagittarius

qualities of your man based on zodiac sign

A man that oozes charm and grows with every experience of his life. He wants things his way and settles for only what pleases his soul. He makes the best son, the most trustworthy friend and a dependable warm partner. This is too much for an individual but, he manages it quite well, but he might at times fall prey to infidelity, but that happens only if he doesn’t find the much-needed attention from his partner. He is not the ones who can manage on his own for a long time. He needs a hand to hold on and walk through the journey called life.
The moment he thinks he is left out, he will look for options, and I am sure you won’t want that to be the case for you. So be the light in the darkness for him and he is surely to be there with you through thick and thin.

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10. Capricorn

A man who with oodles of respect for her woman, who believes in growing together. He would want his woman to be as lively and powerful as he is. He believes in equality and makes that obvious with his deeds and words. He will be the backbone of her lady, in those tough times when she might give up. He is someone who believes in sharing his happiness and hiding his sorrows. Also, you can’t overlook his fond interest in cooking. He loves to cook for the ones he loves. It is his way of showing his love and care. Who doesn’t want a man like him?
But his soft and warm soul shouldn’t be mistaken for his weakness. It is one of his biggest assets, making him a gem. Also, if by any chance you end up hurting the ones they love, who have struck the wrong cord and god save you from their grin. You wouldn’t want to know this side of them. So when with a Capricorn man, be the best version of yourself.

11. Aquarius

Aquarius man is a like a gift hamper you just won. You will never know whats inside them no matter how strong your guessing game is. They will still be a point ahead of you. So all you need to do is, stop the curiosity if knowing more about them, and settle with all that you know. That is all you need to be with them because if you try getting into the skin, you might distance yourself from them. Their personal space is the most important thing they need. Encroach it and they will never see you again. For living a happy life with an Aquarius man, you need to respect his love for his freedom and he will return home clean. He is a homely bird, and homecoming is a necessity. His love for his family is his strength. Give him what he needs, and you won’t ever regret the decision of marrying him.

12. Pisces

The last of the zodiac, but definitely not the least. Rather I would use the word BEST for them. They are the ones with the love for all good things in life. Those expensive wines, expansive views, countryside drives, beach houses and what not. Also, they give every bit of them to achieve what they dream of.
Also on the other hand if they aren’t the ones who have this love for glamorous life, then they are born with the scientific mindset, often making them an inventor of something new and desirable. They are a pocket full of energy and talent. When mixed together you can only expect some high energy beats around. As partners, they are very vocal about how they feel and believe in showing and expressing love for their partner. They will go that extra mile in love that a lady always craves for. He is every women’s dream. You have to be someone who is glamorous yet graceful, sassy yet subtle to win his heart. If you have him, you have the world by your side.

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