Know Your BFF A Little Better Than You Already Do According To Their Zodiac

Know Your BFF A Little Better According To Their Zodiac

Who needs a relationship tag, when you have my BFF who makes you laugh when you cry and can give you tears of happiness.
Every individual has that Bff they cant stay without and the day remains oh! So dull and less on drama until we call them up for five mins or meet them every single day. They are just like that pollution-free oxygen we desperately need to breathe in and grow.

Let’s find out what is so special about your BFF that makes them the priority in your life

1. Aries:

If your BFF is an Aries, be sure of a life full of momentum. They just can’t sink into a normal boring daily schedule like everyone else. They need a kick every now and then that gives them a high and also their friends around to share the wilderness with them. They love leading life by an example, so they make sure they are best in whatever they commit to. So have they committed to you that they will be your BFF for life? Well, if yes! You can count on them for this. They will be the best they can for you.

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2. Taurus:

Extremely choosy in making friends, they never open up easily. It takes a great deal to break that wall to get inside them, but if you manage to that, you will have a very warm and a protective friend for life. Obsessive to the core, remember to keep the Taurean friend of yours always a priority. The moment they see, someone else might just be equally important to you, they will regress. Yes, a Taurus will never share their mates. What belongs to them, belongs to no one else. Sorry folks.

3. Gemini:

If your BFF is a Gemini, you will learn a lot in life from them. The sole reason for this is, you will need a great deal to first understand your BFF completely. They are so unpredictable that one day when you are sure your friendship is going to last a lifetime, the other moment you might just find them reacting to you like they have never known you. So, before you trust them completely with all your secrets, make sure you know some of theirs as well. A Gemini loves to be the center wherever they are, and also they hate advice until they ask for it. So make sure you compliment your Gemini Bff often and don’t share your advice until asked for. The best thing about a Gemini is once they are sure about you, you are not just a BFF, you are a family to them.

4. Cancer:

To have a Cancerian as a friend is like eating, sleeping and breathing in the finest bakery you can ever imagine. What makes me say this?
Well, have you ever been friends with a Cancerian?
I have been there. Done that. Known them and handled them pretty well. (At least that’s what I suppose.*wink*
A Cancerian is a complete foodie and the very next thing they need is a partner to accompany them to all these fine eating places. Yes, like a lot can happen over a coffee, you can know a lot about your Cancerian BFF with their extravagant food choices. They are people with fine taste and prefer class in whatever they like. Be it people or things. You might have heard “You Are Known To Your Five Best Friends”. So if a Cancerian is one of them, you have a good choice. They never feel to leave an impression, on their BFFs and those around them. Also, they are the ones to give you or teach you the wisest lessons in life. Both good and bad.

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5. Leo:

Having a Leo friend around is like, living a life King Style. Why? Well, that’s because they are so overly protective about their friends that before anyone else can even put an accusation on them, they meet those tough, daring eyes of a Leo, who warns the person to stay away. If you have a Leo around, no one will ever easily mess with you. That is the aura they create around you with their very presence. Just having them around is all you need. You almost hit a bullseye.

6. Virgo:

Who doesn’t need a friend, who will listen to you in your hour of need, comfort you and give you a warm hug? They are the ones who will be there with you in thick and thin, with almost no expectations in return. Giving in friendship is what they believe in and follow religiously. A Virgo friend is worth more than a million. They will lift your spirits and make you realize your self-worth. They are a dream come true for a bond of friendship so pure.

7. Libra:

Someone who knows you better than you know yourself. Someone who understands everything even when you didn’t share a word with them and someone who sits beside you not to listen to you, but just to assure you that they are there. That is a libra BFF For You.
Do I need to say more?
Nothing could ever describe them better in my imagination. They make for a framed to perfection picture of how your BFF Should be.

8. Scorpio:

Happy in their space they come across as an introvert individual with an attitude exhibiting ‘ I am not ready to mingle ‘.
That is a Scorpio for you. Their life lessons make them Bitter, but there are exceptions always and if you are one of them, your life lessons will make you Better And Not Bitter.
So for an exception here, this Scorpio loves making and being friends to those who are honest and don’t take undue advantage of them. Scorpions aren’t the ones who will be friends with you to take some advantage because they are usually the ones people try and use for their purpose. Reason being most of the scorpions end up being Influentials People. So if you are lucky enough to have a scorpion friend, be assured you shall always be saved from the troubles in your life, one way or the other. Thank God. But don’t forget to thank them as well.

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9. Sagittarius:

Your Sagittarius friend is going to be your all-time favorite. They are cool, calm and shy people. They believe and follow the principle of giving and take. So, if you have been there for them sometimes in life, they will make sure to return the help and vice versa. They aren’t selfish, just that they aren’t available for them who weren’t there for them at the hour of need. Sounds quite a deal. Yes, they are sorted by their principles in life. Quite agreeable.

10. Capricorn:

Good at heart and honest too. If you need a friend who will laze around with you and watch movies all day and don’t expect much out of you. You will find your BFF in a Capricorn. They are lazy souls when it comes to enjoying time together. They are staying at home kind of people. Also, they have a bad habit of taking people for granted. They might end up not being there in need of their friends, but they expect the complete opposite. Yes, they take things, people and their BFFs For Granted.
But their honesty manages them some gems in life. So we can sacrifice a bad thing for a good one always.

11. Aquarius:

They are friends of friends. Always welcoming and charming, an Aquarius can never say No to their friends. They can even go out of their way to help the ones they consider their friends. For them, friendship is a very special bond and they value it highly.
They allow others to take them for granted and never grin about it. For them, life is all about celebrating friendship.

12. Pisces:

A fish is likely to be happier with the ones belonging to its realm. But this doesn’t mean it hates the rest. A fish is too soft to hate anyone around.
Heart as soft as their fins, they make the best of friends you can ever ask for in life. They will be your best critics, best advisor, best confidant and. BFF Forever ABD Beyond. Your secrets are the safest with them. They exactly know how to multiply your happiness and divide your sorrow.
So, for this one, your heart will always have a special place.

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