Zodiac Signs You Should Avoid Dating at All Costs

Zodiac Signs You Should Avoid Dating at All Costs

Although dating is supposed to bring love, joy, and comfort for every person, that is not the case all the time. Choosing the wrong person to date brings pain to your relationship and wastes your time. Your zodiac sign, which is determined by the date that you were born, should be compatible with that of your partner. After detailed research, experts have come up with star signs that are never compatible. Here are the top zodiac signs that you should avoid dating at all cost.

Taurus Should Avoid Leo

The primary reason why these two zodiac signs are not compatible is very evident. The two can be happy for a short while before problems start. Taurus is known to love affectionately. They are stubborn in this and never let go. Leos are easily bored by the persistent of Taurus since they like to be independent and free. In fact, it is known that they can easily walk away without any explanation to their partners.

Gemini Should Avoid Scorpio

If you were born under the Gemini zodiac sign, then you should be watchful when visiting the dating sites listed on fckme.org to look for a partner. Make sure you do not entertain the Scorpio because it will hardly go anywhere. As a Gemini, your social nature will only hurt the committed and loving Scorpio. They will feel that their energy is being wasted when they are committed to a person who is only good at flirting and interacting with every person they meet. Eventually, they will run away from the relationship.

Virgo Should Avoid Capricorn

Both of these zodiac signs make logical decisions in life and rarely follow what their heart tells them. They must assess all factors before they make a move. Experts say that the two can stay together for some time, but problems will arise once they realize there that there are no emotions or intimacy. The relationship is better suited for business partners rather than lovers. That is why the two should keep off one another by all costs.

Sagittarius Should Avoid Virgo

This is another pair that rarely gets along. At first, the Sagittarius may seem like they are the perfect match who, with help the Virgo, see life differently. The former may, however, try to make Virgo develop some emotions and love, but not for long. They will eventually give up and move on to enjoy their lives without their partner. Once this strikes, there will be problems from right, left and center.

Capricorn Should Avoid Libra

This pair will soon realize that they have too many differences and thus cannot cope with one another. Capricorns are usually organized financially while the other party is not at all. Although both can talk and agree to remain on plan, this will not go on for long. They will soon part ways with a fight.

Instead of heartbreak, it is better to avoid each other early. Therefore, remain cautious when dating a person by knowing both of your zodiac signs.