What Turns Your Partner On Based on their Zodiac Sign

What Turns Your Partner On Based on their Zodiac Sign

Being intimate with your partner is an essential part of keeping the relationship healthy. It’s a binding interaction and gives you an in-depth look at how well you are connected with your lover. The ways are different for each person, but knowing their star sign may give you a glimpse of what’s in their head when it comes to how things should go about inside the bedroom.

Here’s a quick look at what you can do to turn on your partner based on their zodiac sign.

1. Aries

The sign of the ram finds beautiful physique, power, and motivation as a turn-on. Flaunt your curves by wearing sexy clothing in red; maintain it by frequenting the gym. Unleash their competitive nature by challenging them or playing hard to get. Since Aries is used to taking control, learn how to dominate them so that you can give them an energizing change of pace.

2. Taurus

Taurus is a sensual lover that you can please by maintaining an alluring look. They are financially stable who find independent partners hard to resist. They like being intimate and prefer slow and soft touches or kisses on the neck.

3. Gemini

Use witty conversations and naughty words to seduce the social butterfly. Then, stimulate their minds by working up their imaginations—go graphic with how you want to spend your nights with them. Geminis are adventurous who go for variety and diversity, so avoid being monotonous and mix things up when you’re with them—learn new moves and techniques.  

4. Cancer

Their nurturing personality makes Cancers committed to their relationships. They like serving their loved-ones with simple acts like cooking their favorite dishes. Because they love giving pleasure to their partners, you should be equally nurturing to them. Candle-lit dinners, bubble baths, pillow talk, and cuddles will definitely ease their tension. Slow but passionate is the way to attract them.

5. Leo

Recognise the ferocious prowess of Leos, and you’ll instantly have them around your finger. They love being praised and spoiled as the true king of the jungle. However, once you’re in the bedroom, don’t give them everything at once—take things slow. Tease them a bit and leave them wanting for more.

6. Virgo

You don’t need to be a sex kitten to attract a Virgo. This earth sign is a bit on the conservative side, so dress in that similar manner and keep a hygienic lifestyle. Rowdy behavior and experimentation are never ideal for them. Taking your time is the key to pleasure—being the perfectionist that they are, let them do what they want and have their way with you.

Know Your BFF A Little Better Than You Already Do According To Their Zodiac

7. Libra

Balance is key to turning on a Libra partner. Avoid conflicts as much as possible, and create a romantic build up through external factors like music, flowers, or massage. In tune with their steady lifestyle, they can be clean in the streets but naughty in the sheets—but you’d have to make your intention known clearly.

8. Scorpio

It’s no surprise that the sexually intense Scorpio likes everything risqué, so it’s fairly easy to turn them on. Show your adventurous side and try new things—they don’t have to be body-twisting moves, so fret not. Having strong stamina may come in handy, though. Be bold with the locations, too; somewhere outside the bedroom will definitely delight your Scorpio partner.

9. Sagittarius

Another adventurous sign, the Sagittarius wants a partner who likes to chase their ambitions. Clingy or emotionally needy people are big no-no’s; you need to be able to spend time with yourself or your loved ones. Once you have them locked down, though, it’s time to stay outside of your comfort zone—diversify and explore every chance you get. Remember, Sagittarians are often one with nature, and outdoor adventures turn them on.

10. Capricorn

Traditions and class are essential to Capricorns, whether it’s in the process of courtship or the bedroom. They don’t like rushing into things as their lifestyle is already fast-paced, so take your time when dealing with them. Anticipation is the key—make them want you with slow and methodical movements.

11. Aquarius

At first, the Aquarian acts like a robot and is more interesting in getting inside your head. But once you’ve set them loose, they can get extremely passionate and emotional. To do this, talk to them about their thoughts and fantasies and surprise them with new knowledge. Make sure to introduce them to something new every time as they despise routine. They’ll surely do everything to please you, so your efforts will be well worth it.

12. Pisces

Pisces find modest, soft-spoken people, and dominant people attractive. However, you should also show that you’re concerned about their feelings, including their deep, dark fantasies. Since they are known for overthinking, you can turn them on by leading and telling them what to do. They live to serve and will find joy in doing what you want them to.

While these suggestions may not apply to each and every person under the zodiac sign, it can still serve as a friendly guide from which you can start things off. It’s always important to get to know your significant other, so you’ll know how to make your relationship better.

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