Which Zodiac Signs Are Not Compatible With Gemini? and Why?

Zodiac Signs Are Not Compatible With Gemini

Writing about Geminis has always been a task. You know why? I always get confused which of their aspect should I pick first. Remember the split personality thing? I hope you do. That is the chief characteristic of a Gemini. The moment we think we know them, boom comes a surprise or maybe a shock.
So while discussing their compatibility I am convinced to mention first, the zodiacs they are least compatible with.The zodiacs that top the charts are Virgo and Cancerian.

Why A Gemini And A Virgo Share A Little Less Than What Is Needed For A Good Compatible Pair.

While Gemini is a Mutable Air sign, Virgo is the Earth Sign. These two are extremes of one another from there outlooks to their inner self. While a Gemini is the most talkative of all the signs, Virgos will think a thousand times before speaking. An accurate opposition of an extrovert and an introvert. While a Gemini can’t stick to one place or even a company of a particular person, Virgos are stability lovers. For them, life is all about being cozy, warm and stable. Gemini is people’s person and love making friends. They will always put their best foot forward and attract the right company along.

Virgos, on the other hand, is calm, classy and quite in their approach. They are very selective with their social gatherings and they are the last ones you will ever find to initiate a conversation. A Virgo will do all the talking through their eyes and smile, While a Gemini has something to say on every issue. They have a sharp wit, which doesn’t allow them to stay quiet for a long period.

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While a Virgo would love to settle for that one person they give their heart to and will make sure they spend most of their free time with them, a Gemini doesn’t lose their heart that easily. Even if they do, they would still want their best people around them. A Gemini’s inherent trait of not sticking around for a long period of time is in contrast with that of a Virgo. Just like a saint and a sinner can’t stay together these people are too distinct to fill in the gaps.

A Virgo and a Gemini are as opposite as a priest in the church and a cynosure at a social event.

So why fit in when you can stand out?
Why just be a partner to someone when you can be their better half. It’s all about finding the right note on the piano to produce that melodious song called life.
So before you lose your heart in that fraction of a second you need to keep your brain alarmed to avoid what can’t be undone later. And somewhat to the same extent is the rapport that a Gemini shares with a Cancerian.

Why Not Gemini With Cancer?

A Cancerian is as sharp as a knife. Their brains are not just brains but some dangerous yet unbeatable device, that you always need to watch out. They are too smart for anyone to make out what exactly are their intentions. Yes, you can call them dangerous too, and for someone like a Gemini, they can be too darn a thing to handle. A Gemini won’t ever be able to handle the mood swings this zodiac goes through. It’s a tornado. So for a light-hearted Gemini, it can be a life-wrecking task. All I need to guide you is, Stay Away.

Rather find the right companion and stick along through Thick and Thin.

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