Find Out The Best About Your Lady Love Based on Their Zodiac Qualities

Getting married? Wish to get married or looking for a life partner? In each of these cases, I am sure you would love to know about your lady love or maybe your lady luck a little more and a little better definitely.
Let’s find out some special traits of your better half depending on their zodiac. Whether she an Aries or a Libra or a Piscean. Or any of the twelve zodiacs she is truly special and you have all the rights to know her even more to earn some brownie points.

Let’s read to find out how different each is from other, based on their zodiac qualities.

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1. Aries

If you are getting married to an Aries woman, trust me on this, you are in for some adventure and at the same time, you are going to love sharing all your responsibilities because an Aries woman is a multi-tasker. She would not only be a homemaker but if the need is, she will make a great business partner for you as well.
She will manage a lot of things making it look like a piece of cake. Aries woman is strong inside out and it takes a great deal to break this woman of substance. These fierce looking women are made to stand adversities and yet appear calm from outside and that is their inherent quality.
Having her as your better half is surely going to make your life worthwhile.

Guidance: Be there for her when she needs you because she will always be by your side through thick and thin.


Having a Taurus woman around as a girlfriend or a wife is special in its own way.They have a “heart of gold ” for their ‘partner’. Yes, just for their partners. Rest of you need not get excited, they are as dangerous as their symbol- The Bull.
So, if she is your lady love, you are the lucky one, she will fight the world for you and come out victorious. She has all her heart and soul for her family. No one loves like her. She is the epitome of loyalty. Who Doesn’t want a love like this? Everyone does, I am sure. She will manage your home round the clock without any expectations and her home is her happy place. She is content and secure in her abode. If you are a man who is looking for a partner who will stay at home and make his house a cozy hut, stick on to her. She is surely your honey bee.

Guidance: You would never want to play with the bull.

3. Gemini

Who doesn’t want a lady who is SMART? A beauty with brains is what I would sum up a Gemini woman to be. Her wants and needs are simple. She just wants the best.
Ah.. So if you find yourself drooling and dropping for her, be ready for a high maintenance luxury ride. Not everyone can take care and handle this beauty. She needs a lot of love, care and affection. Having her is nothing less than winning a jackpot.
Beauty intelligence and a soft heart that loves like an innocent child. Her presence will make your life lit up like thousand lamps and what’s life without those bright lit up sunny days. She will be your sun in the winters and your rain in those hard hitting days.

Guidance: A hard catch. Work hard to maintain her.

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4. Cancer

You need a sharp woman around in this razor sharp world. Remember, not to forget the thin line between smart and sharp. Cancerian women are SHARP. They will make a life partner like no one else can. She is so mutable that it is never hard for her to adjust. She will mould herself according to the situation she is in. She will look into your eyes and find your motive. So make sure you are not hiding or cheating on her. She is too sharp to be fooled. When someone is born with innate qualities as a human, they will surely manage to stand out and have a personality like no one else does. I am sure being with such a woman will make anyone proud. She is practical enough to make wise decisions. She will never choose a man through her heart. She will take a wise decision which is both a mind and her heart’s call. Amongst all the zodiacs they make the best mothers. This role is best fulfilled by her and she stands no competition. Having her is worthy of every sense.

Guidance: Remember to take her advice on all important decisions.


5. Leo

It’s captivating to talk to an Intelligent woman. Someone who knows about love, relationships, religion and at the same time is someone who needs a newspaper first thing in the morning.
Sounds waow? It is. She has the thirst for learning and reaching the heights. She is not someone who would give up on her dreams just to raise a family for you. She believes in equality of dreams. She will raise a family, have kids but will work on her dreams in an unstoppable way. So if you want a partner who will, both fly with your dreams and give nest to your family, she is your Leo Lady, my dear. Her dreams may be high but her expectations are low. She knows well that the only person to have expectations from is herself. You will fall in love with her every single day.

Guidance: Equality is what she breaths, speaks and thinks. Before you make her feel any less, be ready for the consequences.

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Imagine having a partner who seems to be your soulmate. Who will understand the need for the hour? Imagine someone will have a telepathy with you like you had with no one before. Someone who will sacrifice without even asking and someone who will treat your family just the way she has always treated hers. Isn’t that too much to ask for? Isn’t it too good to be real? No. It’s not. If you have a Virgo wife, this is going to be your reality and the least you can do is thank your stars and have gratitude for this always.
Not every woman will have these unmatched qualities and not everyone stands by such virtues in life. Its human to make mistake, but these Virgo women do so much of heavenly things in life that you can forgive their small mistakes like they never happened. All that will be needed at your end is Respect them like you haven’t before. Show them they are your priority in life and they are your world. This is the least you can do for someone who will give you almost everything in life without even asking.

Guidance: Respect her and her family beyond anything else in this world.


I hate dysfunctional aspects of my life. Thank god. My husband is a Libra.
Is your wife is one? Lucky you if she is. She is going to make sure while you are juggling between home and work, kids and parents, family and friends. You don’t miss out on yourself. And if by chance you do, she is right there to fix the imbalance. What else could I write, when a libra crosses my mind. I am so obsessed with them, that I can write pages about them and yet not feel bored. Your Libran beauty is going to help you the same way. She will never let boredom strike and keep you on your toes. She is a perfect blend of witty and naughty. Her anxious nature is her asset. You will love her for things you can never imagine even existed.
She is a bundle of energy and her energy is infectious. She is someone who will think about you first and anyone else later. She is going to put you on a pedestal once you enter her heart and pray for your safety.So be ready for a high life with her.

Guidance: She is soft as a dove. Handle with care.

8. Scorpio

Are you one of those who believes in love at first sight? Or someone who has some uncanny love for beautiful eye or long luscious hair in a lady? If these three things are on your list, then she is the answer to your list. Scorpion women are beautiful beyond imagination, their eyes as deep as ocean and hair as dark as the night can be. They have in them to make you fall head over heels with them. So much that they will be on your mind round the clock.
They love all deep things in life and so is their love for their man Deep And Captivating. It’s difficult to get them out of your mind. They will make you fall in love with the days and also the nights of your life. Life is a sexy ride with scorpion women. They are secretive, salty yet smooth in their approach towards life. If you are a man who looks for challenges in life, she will be one of those. I hope you win the challenge. I hope you win HER❤️

Guidance: Before you doubt her, make sure you have all your facts right.

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Are you a man with fixed goals? Someone who has a vision board ready? Someone who has been preparing for long to shoot in fish’s eye but need someone who would stabilise the water and the air for you? If yes, she is your answer. A Sagittarius women just like her symbol is a woman with a goal. Who would look right through her target and hit a bull’s eye. She is powerful yet weak with her emotions.
She is simple yet modern in her thinking. She is Indian yet, western in her capacity. She is a perfect blend of so many things that makes her a perfect mate for a healthy life. She in her own ways sets standards each time better than the previous one. If you are tying the knot to this one hell of a women. Congratulations.

Guidance: She herself is your guide. Make sure to refer her for the hour of your need.


If you are someone who believes friendship to be a strong foundation of a relationship and are looking for a friend in your better half. Yes, she is the one. The one who will always be your friend first, wife next. Someone who will always have a listening ear to all that you have to share. She will untiringly listen to your childhood tales and growing up laughter. She will be your friend in and out to whom you can spill all your secrets out and believe them to be at the safest place they could ever be.
They are the warmest souls and a Capricorn women know rightly how to win her man’s heart. She knows the right mix of love and friendship to keep the love bubble alive throughout the journey.
Having her around is no less than a blessing.

Guidance: When u look out for an honest friend in her, make sure of being the one first.

11. Aquarius

Are you someone who loves food? Who breathes and thinks food all the time or someone who has an inborn love for food. If yes, go marry her. Yes, she has a fond love for cooking. What makes me mention this? A good cook is a person with good taste and person with good taste is a person with good choices in life. So all I am trying to say is Man You Are Good Enough. Yes, you are and that’s what made you have her in the first place. You will love to live life with her because she will help you with good decisions, wise choices and successful endeavors throughout.
She is weirdly beautiful and that is what makes her so adorable. These short beauties have a way to capture hearts and her charm is too good to be true. If you have her in your life. Your life will be a living fairy tale.

Guidance: Excess of everything is bad. Don’t overeat.

12. Pisces

If Feminity and grace is something that attracts you to a woman, you can’t find someone better then her. She holds poise like none other in the entire list of the zodiac. Also being last in the zodiac she picks one quality from each of the above. She is so headstrong that once she makes a decision, it impossible to move her. She is one of those mutable signs who is fixed with her decisions and choices in life. She will lend her strength to you, making her man stronger every single day. She believes in strengthening her inner self to outstand the challenges life throws at her.
She has a mental horizon so broad and wide that you can share the list of your girlfriends with her and she would laugh away with sheer confidence of having won the battle. She believes to be the last love. She knows the difference between a breezer and Old monk well enough to understand life.
She is in the race with no one but herself and works towards polishing her own mind body and soul rather than try and change those around her. She knows well To bring the change, one has to be the change.

Guidance: Pisces women. She will be your POLESTAR

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