Know Angel Tarot Card For Aquarius And What Does it Says About Them

Angel Tarot card for Aquarius “THE HIGH PRIESTESS”

The eleventh in the zodiac but elevated to altogether a different level. They believe in themselves so much, it would be right to say that they Dance to their own music. Unwavering, unmatched, yet dependable, this water element is actually an air sign. They are fixed yet deeply caring. A rare combination to find. An Aquarius woman is free-spirited, eccentric and mysterious. Another reason why the card is a High Priestess. It embodies a sign of feminity in itself which is wrapped around with a sensual grace.

Also, them most important thing that can’t skip a mention is an Aquarius woman is uncompromising. Only a woman as high as a priestess can have the courage to put her foot down and stand for her beliefs.

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Why “The High Priestess” Angel Card?

The Card High Priestess Is An Absolute Representation Of What An Aquarius Is. An Aquarius always sticks to their own ideas and beliefs, and so is this card which guides one to stick to their own power and natural abilities. This card Points towards the importance of dreams in one’s life and how you should seek, what seeks you.

An Aquarius is never in the race with anyone but only working to better their previous self and so is this wise card, which says, be In Race With None. For what is yours shall find you and stick around.
An Aquarius believes in working hard in silence to only let the success make the noise and this belief is highlighted by the card they are represented quoting Silence Is Golden.
Also, they are the believers in keeping their goals, ideas and action plans only to themselves, which is stamped by what this card signifies time and again. Somethings are just so similar you just can’t ignore looking at them in a way as if in a state of a fix.

That’s what the zodiac Aquarius and their card The High Priestess does to us. It so finely describes each other’s high points that an individual can’t just help better them after reading this. This card serves as a reminder to those who in the race of life forget what they are made of and what they truly are. This gentle reminder is like a whimsical dream come true.
Everyone does need a reminder and deserves to know that they are Unique in their own special way and beyond compare.

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