Angel Tarot Card for Cancer “THE CHARIOT” Know What Does it Represent

angel card for cancer


Angel Card That Represents This Zodiac Is “THE CHARIOT”.
The Chariot (Archangel Metatron)
An important achievement. Self-discipline and willpower. Public Recognition.

Angel card for cancer
Cancer’s represented by a crab, are ruled by the moon. The life of a Cancerian shall always see a deep connection with number 7. Obsessed with security issues, they always have preferences over homely getaways than social evenings. They feel safe and warm around people they love and whom they can depend on.

Why “The Chariot” Angel Card

The angel card “The Chariot” depicts a Cancer image inside out in a rather strange way forcing one to think how can something be so deeply connected.

Chariot is the card of new beginnings and a fresh start, giving the Cancer the drive they need in life. They are always on a lookout for something new. Routine is what bores them, and they would do anything but ordinary to keep their life exciting.
Cancer is ruled by moon carry a gamut of emotions inside them always, but what helps them balance it?? It is this chariot that is run by horses or sphinxes, one in black the other in white balancing out one another. Black being the armor, while white being the softer hue.

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These uncanny individuals need their own time and shell to breed and grow.
Chariot depicts sheer willpower, self-discipline and the ability to take great leaps in life, exactly what a Cancerian is bestowed with and born to do.
With chariot as your angel card, these people are bound to be travelers or famous personalities.
The chariot also endows them with the ability to stay calm, grounded and clear about what they want from life.

Just like the horses are controlled by the winged rider in the image, they allow their determination and willingness to be the controlling guns for them. If they learn to win their emotional battles, they are one in a million. They are one of those who knows the art of controlling Firmly Yet Kindly, which lends them a boss persona.

Having this card by your side means, no matter how deep the wound is, they won’t let anyone ever see the scar.
They fall, they learn, they get up and then?? Then they fly on their CHARIOT.

That’s a Cancerian for you, with their angel card.
A warrior and a winner.
A nurturer and a noble soul.
A saint and a sinner too.

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