The Five Basics Of An Astrological Chart You Should Know


Our astrological chart is mainly guided by the Sun, the Moon, Planets- Mercury, Venus & Mars. So what basically is SUN SIGN? The world goes crazy talking discussing & matching sun signs for marriage, work and several other purposes. But what governs our astrological chart is the core every individual must know! Lets get our facts straight on this!


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Our sun sign is governed by the constellation sun was in the on the day of our birth. It can also be called our STAR SIGN. Sun is the most essential of all . Its the core of an individual. Sun sign forms the basis of our natal chart. The energy of sun is more of a male energy even if the individual is a female. Just like the sun its bright and exuberant. It represents will , power and desire(not sexual).


Moon sign is governed by the placement of moon at the birth time. It spends almost two and a half days in each sign, so even for the individuals who are clueless about their birth time it can be worked out. Moon sign tells the astrologer about your emotional quotient. Also the moon sign represents the most important women in your life . She can be your mother/ wife or sister.


Mercury is all about expression and communication. The way an individual talks writes thinks is all governed by this. Mercury’s power also influences the decision making ability of an individual. Whether he decides on impulse or sound thinking. Also it tells us whether the individual is outspoken or quiet.


Its all about life, beauty and luxury. Also what kind of a romantic partner will an individual make and what kind of people does they attract. Venus defines the aura of a person. Also whether the person is detached or clingy types. It governs creativity pleasure abundance. In one word its a fancy sign.


Just the opposite of above this planet governs anger, aggression, sexual intimacy and determination. This planet defines person’s ability to chase his dreams. This planet comes into action when we fight or argue. It decides a lot of things in an individual and what kind of a lover an individual will make is one of those. (Earthy/insecure, sensual or Romantic lover).

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These five planets governs and makes our natal or astrological chart. They are to a birth chart what the five elements are to the universe. The core and the basics.