Life Path Number 7 : What Does Your Life Path Number Mean?

life path number 7

Writing about People who have 7 as their life path number is like entering into a mystical world you have never been before. They are charmers, one of a kind. The spark in their eyes will get you rolling.

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Mystical And Intervening

They love to be in the center of almost everything and let me tell you I am not talking about being the center of attraction.
I mean they need to know everything about the people in their life and all of it. They love to keep their life a mystery but wouldn’t appreciate if you do the same.

The World Of Extremes

They can vary from being a charmer to a loner, from a hyperactive soul to the laziest one you would ever know. There is no middle for them. They are the number of extremes.
But if being an extremist lends them some negative traits, it blesses them too with some best ones.

Life Path Number 7
They are almost good at everything that they really want to do. They can be amazing with things related to beauty, sculptures, paintings.


Also, Life path number 7 has a deep-rooted connection with spirituality. They have the greed to grow and learn in the spiritual world. They are a part of it. They are wise learners and people with very high intellect. So before you question them anything make sure to have your facts sorted. It’s okay if you are a number 7 people around you see you as an eccentric, that’s because it isn’t easy to digest the versatility you exhibit.

Life Path Number 7 As Life Partner

Life Path Number 7

As a life partner, you need to have someone whose likes and the taste matches yours. You need a person of your wavelength to develop and grow in a relationship. If you don’t find one, chances are you might get married once or twice or holy shit even thrice.
So my advice is “Opposites Attract” ain’t a phrase that goes too well with your number.

Learners At Heart

They have the knack to learn different things in life and settling for less just don’t go with their soul. They need to learn and learn a lot to satisfy their soul. It’s their food for existence. This takes them a long way in life. You just can’t help but appreciate their vast unending knowledge.

No, They Aren’T Perfect Either

Yes, they at times tend to be loners and dive deep into themselves falling prey to alcohol and drugs. This is what they need to watch out. Overindulgence is what this number Aces at. So watch out.

Life Path Number 7
But, this magnetic number is one Attractive Shit.

Love them, hate them but you can’t ignore them. If for nothing you are bound to fall for their mystery.

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LIFE PATH NUMBER      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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