Life Path Number: What Does Your Life Path Number Reveals About 2018

The science of numbers is one of the most intriguing sciences I have come across, And life path numbers is one of them. They say curiosity kills the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. Excess of experimentation or investigation can be dangerous but when it comes to numbers I guess the more you investigate, the deeper you go and the deeper you go the better you understand it. Numbers can reveal more than you can ever imagine. Let’s find out what does your Life path number reveals about 2018.

Before we begin here is a small example to show how do you calculate your life path number. So let’s consider A who is born on the 1st of May 1956 so the life path number would be 1+5+1+9+5+6 =27
9 is the life path number of A
Also this calculator will help you find your life path number.

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Let’s begin and find out my paradigm about
what each life path number reveals


General Characteristics: They have a practical approach towards life and like to keep how they feel about themselves. They find it hard to appreciate other persons point of view as they are themselves Born with the best.

For those with life path number 1, this year looks perfect to start a new project or venture you have been considering for long now.
A year where you fulfill your hearts desires. Your family life will be content and rewarding with the blessings of elders around you. Don’t ignore the wise advice of your lady love this year. It might just get you some extra brownie points or those extra dollars.
All those who are planning to propose someone the period looks highly favorable.

Tip: For prosperity put a water fountain or an aquarium in the north direction of the house.


General Characteristics: These people can carry from being quite to chatterboxes. They are blessed with excellent intuition and are highly intelligent beings.

2018 for them: A year where you should genuflect (bend your knees before a spiritual deity) in gratitude. Why? Well because a lot of gifts and blessings are coming your way. Give gratitude for what you are about to receive and see the magic happen. It will be the year of luck abundance and growth for diamond merchants and those who deal in sweets.
Health looks a little sensitive. But you can guard it well with extra care. Get enrolled in a meditation or a yoga class to stay upbeat and vibrant.
A special year for singles. You might just bump into the love of your life.

Tip: Keep a rose quartz to strengthen relationships.


General Characteristics: They are highly intelligent beings. They are rational and have the ability to think clearly. They are happy and positive souls.

2018 for them: What is the best thing about being an Average?
Well, it leaves a lot of room for growth and improvement. It becomes commodious and you can Instil within intricacies to rise higher than where you already are. It’s exactly like one says how beautiful it is to be imperfectly perfect.
This year for you shall be an amazingly average year. Don’t forget to see the silver lining. A year where you should go with the flow.
Avoid taking risks and making new investments. A slow and a steady path looks your motto to be. Students need to work on their stability stamina and concentration.

Tip: Put a bamboo plant in the area of your study to enhance your concentration levels.

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General Characteristics: They are practical and earthy people. They are impatient but also great organizers. People with the number are mostly trim proper and well kept.

2018 for them: A year which brings a lot of changes.
Challenging and testing. What does this mean? Well if you ask me? I think a diamond is in the making. Only diamonds are formed after so much of pressure. Isn’t it? Well, I am inclined to see the positive. So I see the growth after the challenges. Your personal relationships this year will need your extra time, attention and care. Avoid arguments.
Remember Calm Is A Superpower.
Elder’s in the house will need your extra love care and affection.

Tip: Keep a wooden pen or a wooden keyring with you all the time.


General Characteristics:  They are emotional yet mentally stable beings having a free spirit. They love motivating and inspiring others.

2018 in general for them: This year is a surprise hamper for you. So you exactly have no clue what’s coming your way. Hear your self up for a ride which is both bumpy and smooth.
A year where you will find yourself juggling and balancing your personal and professional life. Your mind will need some positive food. Feed it with right thoughts. Make sure you keep your words kind and humble. A year where you do not afford to be Vainglorious Or Egotistical. Stay well on the ground.
A year where you need to check your finances. Saving looks to be a wise option.
Money saved is money earned.

Tip: Hang a picture of mountains without flowing water in the center location of your room.


General Characteristics: They are creative people. For them, home is where the heart is and they are completely domestic and family oriented. They love taking and sharing responsibilities.

2018 in general for them: This is year brings to you spiritual awareness and karmic connections in a lot of ways. So make sure you keep your karmas well balanced and sow only what you wish to reap. Things this year will fall in place for most of you. Planning to take the risks? Go ahead if you have well calculated them. Blind risks? Is a big No.
From your health to your career to your marriage everything looks strong.
Patience will get you great rewards. Remember good deeds never go passé.
So at times when everything looks strong and favorable remember to be compassionate. Also, try not being an iconoclast. If you don’t like a tradition or a viewpoint avoid passing a narcissist comment.

Tip: Colour white does the magic for you this year.

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General Characteristics: They tend to sacrifice a lot in life and have the tendency of learning things through hard ways. THEY are extremely analytical and excellent in solving technical issues.

2018 in general: This year is your Examination Year. You are going to be put in a lot this years. Love, relationships and your trust will all pass through a testing phase. The best thing to do when you are sailing through such times is to fold your hands in prayers and close your eyes to Hope And Faith. This is a year to listen to your inner voice. Your intuition and gut are in high resonance with the universe and the guidance you shall receive will be more than accurate. Hold it tightly and follow where it leads you.

Tip: wear a white silver armlet or a watch with a silver chain or keep a white octagonal crystal pyramid in the west direction.


General Characteristics: These people are very methodical and powerful. They have the Babbitt of giving attention to the details which get them tagged as perfectionists. They are very restless with an overactive brain which is need of some mental task all the time.

2018 in general: This is a year of Mental activeness and challenges for you.
Your mind time and energy shall be involved in your work.
Remember to follow the good old mantra work is worship this year.
Try and not be a jack of all trades. This year work hard to be a master of something you are passionate about. Slow and steady should be your pace with everything you take in your hands for a clear win. You will see a gamut of opportunities flowing your way. Pick the best one. Rise and shine✌?. Some luxury buys are on the cards for some.

Tip: For mental peace and calmness put Kesar tikka on the forehead.


General Characteristics: They are humanitarian beings. They are courageous, ambitious and goal oriented people always on the lookout for some new Innovative development.

You resonate with the number 2018 this year greatly. This year your focus should be on strengthening your roots. You strengthen your roots by balancing and strengthening your root chakra. The best way to balance your root chakra is to chant “HOME”
Your health will need extra care and attention. Be kind to yourself and take only what you can deliver without exhausting yourself. A year where you should not be switching jobs and places. You should work on your stability this year as marriage for some is on cards as well.

Tip: Colour Red is your magic wand this year. When in doubt wear red. When low on self-confidence rock red again.
Vermillion will bring valor to you.

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