2018 Needs All The Attention Because Its A Master Number 11

master number 11, life path number 11

Life path number has so much to do with an individual that looking at it can almost reveal some insane truths, some beautiful attributes, and some harsh realities. This being a complete science has no loopholes. So all those who don’t believe much in astrology can learn and add some important facts to their life’s experience, assuring it will not let you down.

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What and why you should know about master number 11?

So why just at the beginning of 2018 are we discussing the master number 11. This is because we wanted to have all your undivided attention to the fact that if we add the numbers of 2018 it forms the Master Number 11.
This year is the year of major life changes, beginnings, and endings. None shall be carried forward is the advice and mantra for this year.
Why? The fact that the master number 11 has the attributes and energies of number 1 twice is worth noticing and giving all our attention to. Number 1 brings with it a new phase, a new place, and new partnerships. Number 1 is all about taking actions about everything that you have been planning. It is about taking steps no matter how small they are. Moving forward and giving birth. The focus of this master number is to move beyond your past. It guides your soul and spirit towards the attainment of your goals and not only material attainment but spiritual attainment as well. It has strength like none and endows the same to the ones who understand it’s energies and inclination.

This year keep your focus on how you can manifest your dreams, desires and aspirations. For those who will set their eyes on their goals with an Unwavering Faith shall see the magic of this Master Number. This master number is a Master Manifesto. It lends to the universe it’s undying spirit, positivity and the power to see beyond the human eye.

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All that we need to understand this year is the fact how insanely, negativity can ruin our minds, dreams and paths and how powerful is the impact of positivity. The reminder, however, this year is to follow the path of action. It is not the year of planning or crying over the spilled milk instead a year of commencement. So powerful a period, that if you give your hundred percent, the result will be no short of double of what you give in.

It’s Major, Magnificent And Magnetic

This is the magic of our Master number 11. Number 1 teaches us to give our best and never settle for less. Compromise is not the need of this year. This year calls for standing for your beliefs and fighting for them no matter how hard it gets. You Will Attract What You Release.

Also, those who are spiritually inclined or feel the divine connection will see a rise and shift in their spiritual connection. Thanks to the master number 11 which is spiritually very strong. Prayers shall be answered when released with purity and power into the universe.

Be Wise With Your Choices And 2018 Shall Be The Best You Have Ever Witnessed.


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